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GFR editors Malcolm Jolley and Jamie Drummond, March 2010. Photo: Jo Dickins.

Good Food Revolution is Canada’s good food and wine news site. Based in Toronto, GFR is published by Good Food Media, a not-for-profit company with a mandate to educate the public about artisanal food. Good Food Revolution is supported financially by a community of sponsors called ‘Good Food Fighters‘: businesses and organisations that support the enjoyment of good food and wine and the pleasures of the table, excellence in the hospitality industry, accountability in the food system and the right of all people to have access to good, healthy food. Good Food Revolution is produced and edited weekly by Jamie Drummond and Malcolm Jolley. To find out more, contact us directly by clicking here.


 Lindsay Groves is a sommelier and professional wine educator based in Toronto, who spends a good deal of time in London, not least as a student aiming for a Masters of Wine. Follow her adventures at lindsaygroveswine.com/.



McNally-150x150Diana McNally is an educator and community worker developing food security and alternative economic initiatives in the Toronto neighbourhood of Parkdale. She believes that access to healthy, affordable food is a fundamental right for everyone.



ChristopherSealyChristopher Sealy is the co-proprietor of Midfield Wine Bar as well as Manager/Sommelier at George Restaurant. Christopher will be penning a number of Piemontese pieces for Good Food Revolution over the coming months.



Lorette C Luzajic by Ralph Martin

Lorette C. Luzajic is a Toronto writer and artist. Her collage-centred paintings use mixed media to explore ideas from art, literature, history and culture, always fascinated by the intersection of human creativities. She is the editor of the new online journal, Ekphrastic. Visit her at ideafountain.ca.



Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.34.35 AM

Margot Ritchie is a Toronto-based journalist, whose articles focus on wine and culinary trends.Margot’s wine columns have appeared in Del Condominium Lifestyle, Elite Wine, Food and Travel, Modesty Magazine, International Women’s Forum (IWF) – Toronto Chapter Newsletter, and the Portuguese Post. Margot also advises on private wine cellar management.



Zoltan on 16 MIle 302 x 251Zoltan Szabo is a sommelier and wine writer based in Toronto. He is available for corporate and private wine tastings, restaurant and hotel consultations, as well as assistance with private collections. His website is zszabo.com and he tweets regularly as @zoltanszabo.



gfrheadChristopher Wilton lives in Peterborough and is a wine sales representative for the Small Winemakers Collection, a wine educator at Durham College, a server, and the regional liaison on the CAPS board of directors.  He is certified with CMS, is almost finished his WSET Diploma, and has his CSW.



Dean Tudor is a Ryerson University Journalism Professor Emeritus, The Treasurer of The Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada and creator of Canada’s award-winning wine satire site at fauxvoixvincuisine.blogspot.com. Visit Dean’s websites at deantudor.com and gothicepicures.blogspot.com. His motto: “Look it up and you’ll remember it; screw it up and you’ll never forget it.”

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