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Winery set to open in Hastings County

 Soon Hastings County in Ontario’s Artisan Food & Beverage (FAB) Region will be home to Ontario’s newest winery – Potter Settlement Winery.  A dream of Sandor Johnson, his vineyard is located just outside of the Village of Tweed, halfway between Toronto and Ottawa, and the winery is set to open within the next couple of years.  To learn more about Sandor’s experience, we’ve got a great video for you to check out:

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One Response to Winery set to open in Hastings County

  1. Hi Sandor,

    My wife found this GFR announcement while discussing wines with a Co – worker today. Great Video, learning much of the History as well

    Sorry we missed you this past weekend as we had the pleasure of a special tour this past with Norm.The Vineyards & Winery are looking great, My wife Sheila says she can’t wait until opening. I’m sure once open, your neighboring family will see much more of us.
    Worth the drive from Brampton.

    PS, If ever any event requirements, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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