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A Truly Unique Holiday Gift

Profile Wine Group presents Ricarda’s Gourmet Experience Boxes, featuring curated made in house goods inspired from Southern European cuisine. Each paired with a perfect wine curated by Profile! Offering a unique experience for all types of tastes, be sure to explore the one of a kind offerings available in each of our Gourmet Experience Boxes.


Ouì Ouì, this gift is a must for the French food fanatic. This Gourmet Experience takes you on a culinary excursion to the South of France, exploring a variety of cheeses accompanied by smaller bites, that are perfectly paired with a classic French red wine.

Box for 2 people:

  • Red wine | 2017 Côtes du Rhône Les Abeilles de Colombo Rouge, France 750ml
  • Fig raspberry port jam
  • Assortment of spiced roasted nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts)
  • Ricarda’s house-made sourdough crostini
  • Gourmet cheeses:
    • Bleubry 100g Pasteurized milk, pasteurized cream, modified milk ingredients,
    • Cendrillon 75g Pasteurized goats milk,
    • Caprano aged 90g Pasteurized goats milk
    • Cantonnier 75g Pasteurized milk,
    • Cendré de Lune 100g Pasteurized milk, pasteurized cream
    • Sir Laurier 85g Pasteurized milk, modified milk ingredients, pasteurized cream

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Molte delizioso! Give an interactive cooking and sipping experience this holiday season!  The Italy Gourmet Experience features a two-course dinner for two, including charcuterie and a delicious Italian pasta dinner, paired with a robust Italian red wine.

Box for 2 people:

  • Red wine| 2018 Vigneti del Salento Primitivo, Muri, Puglia, Italy 750ml
  • Fresh Squid ink Mafalda pasta
  • Ricarda’s house-made Italian sausage pasta sauce
  • Italian cured meats – coppa 60g, bresaola 60g, prosciutto 60g
  • Jar of marinated mixed olives
  • Rosemary and thyme infused olive oil
  • Pasta recipe from Ricarda’s Executive Chef Julien Laffargue

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