Malcolm Jolley talks to Amy Symington about The Long Table Cookbook…

Amy Symington MSc holds a lot of titles, and she’s busy with all of them. As a chef and a nutritionist she cooks twice a week at Gilda’s Club for members whose lives are being affected by cancer. As a professor and a researcher she teaches at George Brown College. As a volunteer she’s active at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank. And now, she can add author with the publication of The Long Table Cookbook: Plant-based Recipes for Optimal Health.

Symington, whose mother died of cancer, is donating her royalties from the book to Gilda’s Club, and it’s a reflection of her work there, where she introduces people to nutrient rich whole foods which are as enjoyable and delicious as they are healthful. It’s also a reflection of her work at George Brown, since it’s evidence based and includes contributions and collaborations from her students. It’s a beautiful book and full of appetizing recipes that tempt even the most die-hard carnivores like me. I met Symington at Gilda’s Club, where she was prepping Tuesday night dinner, to find out more about it and we shot the video interview below.

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Amy Symington in the kitchen at Gilda’s Club in Toronto.