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Bio: Nicholas Pearce is a Toronto based wine merchant working with LCBO VINTAGES and Ontario's top restaurants, hotels, wine collectors and everyday wine enthusiasts. He has a MBA Masters from The Bordeaux International Wine Institute and was award the Ontario Hostelry Institute Top 30 Under 30 upon his return to Canada. Born and raised in Ontario, Nicholas Pearce graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree specializing in Hospitality & Tourism Management while studying with the International Sommelier Guild. After his days in Restaurant and Winelist management, he moved to Bordeaux to pursue his MBA specializing in Wine Marketing and Management at the Bordeaux International Wine Institute, INSEEC. He graduated at the top his class and began working with one of the famous Bordeaux negociants, Maison Sichel, in their export sales department. Before returning to Canada, Nicholas worked along side a great team of oenologistes as a winemaker in the cellars at both Chateau d’Argadens and Cave Bel-Air during the 2008 vinifications on Bordeaux's Right-Bank. In 2009 Nicholas was selected by the OHI as a "Top 30 Under 30" for his past contributions to the Ontario Hospitality Industry and pegged as future leader of industry. with contacts across the globe satisfying a constant supply of fine and rare wines. He is always overwhelmed by the support of his valued restaurant/hotel clients and the LCBO who are demanding the best quality/price wines that speak of the land and vintage of their birth.

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