Beaus Oktoberfest 4 Pack 2014

A sneak peak of our Beau’s All Natural’s annual Oktoberfest celebrations is rolling out onto LCBO shelves across the province today, as the Eastern Ontario craft brewery launches a limited-edition 4-pack of German-inspired beers brewed for their festival this fall.

The mix pack, which retails for $24, is a beer-lover’s cornucopia that includes 4×600 mL bottles: Happy Pilsner (Bohemian Pilsner, 5.3%), Dark Helmüt (Imperious Schwarzbier, 7.3%), Rauchstack (Smoked Dunkel, 6.9%), and Dial ‘Z’ for Zwickel (Zwickelbier, 5.7%).


Happy Pilser
Pale blond in colour, Happy Pilsner‘s light floral, herbal and honey aromas take your senses on a trip to their happy place: the ever-enjoyable taste of a crisp, clean traditional lager. Traditional to the style, the flavour has some yeast-derived soft sulfur notes. The hopping provides medium bitterness that balances the malt profile without harshness.

Dark Helmüt
Dark Helmüt is an extra-strong version of a German black lager. It displays a mellow roasted character that is juxtaposed with the enjoyable lager crispness. Malty, bready notes (think pumpernickel without caraway) provide the backdrop to this clean, crisp beer. Dark Helmüt has refined mocha inflections and a surprisingly subtle roasted flavour for a beer as dark as the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Rauchstack is a smooth, full-bodied smoked ale. The distinctive smoky character, courtesy of wood-fire kilned malts in the recipe, is balanced by rich, malty sweetness. The body is luscious and the flavour echoes the smoky scent, giving the sense of a beer that could almost be a meal. The malt profile was custom-designed by Weyermann Malts in Bamberg, Germany.

Dial ‘Z’ for Zwickel
Dial ‘Z’ for Zwickel is a rare new creation from the Beau’s brew team, a hazy copper-coloured lager called a zwickelbier – a beer so über-fresh, it tastes just like it was poured fresh from the tanks. The flavour and aroma are ripe with bready, yeasty goodness and fresh grassy notes, and a finely balanced hop presence.

This is the second year Beau’s has made an Oktoberfest 4-pack available through the LCBO. Beau’s has presented the Vankleek Hill Oktoberfest ( since 2009, and each year has brewed up an ever-increasing number of on-tap beers for the festival.

Dial ‘Z’ and Rauchstack are brand-new for 2014, while Dark Helmüt and Happy Pilsner are returning favourites from previous years. This year’s Oktoberfest will see a total of 13 Beau’s beers served up as part of the festivities Oct. 3 & 4, including the 4 in the mix pack.

The 2014 Beau’s Oktoberfest Mix Pack will be available throughout September and October in approximately 300 LCBO locations in Ontario – includes a search function to find it near you. It can also be purchased from the brewery retail store, or for home delivery in Ottawa via BYBO ( Beau’s will follow up this release in November with another fun 4-pack for the holiday season: the 2014 Best of Beau’s.

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