by Malcolm Jolley

If, like me, you were a little boy in Toronto during the 70s and 80s, then you need no introduction to Borje Salming, the great Maple Leafs defenceman who ruled the blue line at The Gardens. As it turns out, since retiring and becoming a Hall of Famer, Salming has kept himself busy by enjoying the hunting and fishing in his native Northern Sweden (Salming is a Sami, or native Laplander) and cooking whatever he kills or catches on an open fire or barbecue grill. The latter was a device he first encountered when he moved to Canada, and it’s still considered a bit of a novelty in Scandanavia. He’s also been writing books, and he came back to Toronto to promotehis first cookbook Grilling with Salming, just before Father’s Day. It’s strewn with gorgeous pictures by Bruno Ehrs, a top Swedish photographer, and brings a distinctly Nordic take to the grill, that works well in this country. I spoke to Salming in the video below about his love of the outdoors and the grill, and we discuss a rather ingenious way to cook just-caught fish that’s featured in the book.

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