by Phillipa Croft

Chef Sean Waters grills up Buffalo's best steak sandwich at The Old Pink

Ivy Knight did something unusual for a Toronto food writer recently: she went to Buffalo. She writes about her adventures in the Summer 2011 edition of City Bites and Good Food Revolution is very pleased to publish photos from her trip taken by Toronto photographer Phillipa Croft.

In Buffalo, Ivy found a new generation of young chefs from Western New york and beyond who are attracted by the de-industrialised city’s cheap rents, proximity to excellent farms and the freedom of pioneering a culinary scene.

– Malcolm Jolley, Ed.

Chef Adam Goetz at Sample is leader in Buffalo's young chef movement.

Chef Adam Goetz embodies the locavore, ingredient-driven independent spirit of the young Buffalo restaurateurs.

Buffalo Spree Editor Christa Glennie-Seychew champions the local culinary scene and leads tours through her company, Feed Your Soul.

Sweet_ness 7 cafe, in Elmwood Village, is famous for their giant egg sandwiches made with extra large English muffins from nearby La Metro Bakery. Chef James Warren demonstrates.

Milligan's Brick Bar encaptures Buffalo's grittier urbanity.

At The Old Pink, bartender Sean Waters makes one thing and one thing well: a grilled striploin steak sandwich on a grill that's been used for the same purpose for decades.

The promise of cheap rents in an urban environment has re-energised downtown Buffalo.

Parkside Candies embodies old Buffalo's charm, and still serves a starting aray of sweets, ice creams and treats.

In the kitchen of Sweet_ness 7 a new culinary scene takes shape every day.

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