By The Burger Boy


The line...


First things first, I went to New York City to see the Yankees play against the Twins. We did not get to see the Yankees play. They swept Morneau and Mauer so there was no game on Sunday night.


The very busy kitchen


Now, I was very hungry so it was time for my first burger in New York. We went to a place my dad heard about inside a fancy hotel. When we got there we had to wait in line. There were people speaking many different languages in line.  When we got to the front of the line they make you fill out a little piece of paper with your order.  Mine was in Japanese???


I left my mark on NYC


This tiny place looked messy, a lot like Dangerous Dan’s.  Graffiti was on the walls and on the tables, everywhere. The people in the kitchen were yelling at each other. I had no issues with my wheelchair here. This is a very fun place.


The burger and fries


I ordered the burger, fries & a Diet Coke. My food came in a paper bag, not a plate. The Diet Coke was flat and watery. The big order of fries were hot, very thin, and nice and crispy. I liked them.

A very fine burger

Now, let me tell you about the burger. The meat was fresh and very juicy. They cooked it medium rare, just the way A Burger Boy asked. The bun was soft and fresh with a light toast on the inside. The bun to burger ratio was just right. You can taste the char from the grill. It was big enough for me. Let me say, this was a burger worth waiting in line for.

An 8 for sure.

The Burger Boy is a 10 year old boy with a passion for good burgers… and he’s not messing around when he says good!!! You can find Burger Boy’s blog here.