Nicholas Pearce presents a biodynamic vegan winery from Southeast Sicily…

The wines of Cantina Marilina are quite literally an expression of the warmth, generosity and passion of Sicily in the glass. As they like to say at the winery, the wines carry the sun of Sicily and this is evident in the rich, gold coloured whites and the juicy, fruity reds. Being certified organic, vegan friendly and biodynamic are all integral parts of the work being done at the winery, however it is so much more that makes these wines special.

Angelo Paternò, the founder of Cantina Marilina, worked for decades at large commercial wineries on Italy’s southern island, Sicily. He eventually saved up enough to purchase a 60-hectare organic farm in the province of Siracusa. The shining white calcareous soils and gentle slope told him this was amongst the best sites he’d ever seen; the ideal location to build a life with his family.

Since the creation of the estate he has handed control over to his two daughters, Marilina and Federica, whose passion for winemaking rivals only their ambitions to see their family winery succeed and produce beautiful, expressive wines that are true to their terroir and philosophy. They’ve decided to keep their practices as traditional as possible: 80% of their vineyards are planted to indigenous grape varieties, many of which have evolved over hundreds of years to withstand the relentless sunshine and drought conditions. Their wines almost exclusively ferment in large concrete tanks that help prevent temperature fluctuations and allow the gentle integration of oxygen and their maceration times are quite long which helps extract dense flavours and ample structure. The result? Truly delicious wines.

The Cantina Marilina wines from Sicily will be arriving in May.


This is a Winery-direct offer. Place your order before February 5th and receive your case of wine in 10 weeks. To reserve your case of wine you only need to pay a $50 deposit today, the balance will be invoiced on arrival.


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