by Malcolm Jolley

André Morgenthal has a new job, or at least a new way of doing his old job. The Communications Manager for the Wines of South Africa’s (WOSA), usual gig is traveling the world pouring and talking about Cape wine. But, just over a year ago, Morgenthal hit the jackpot of all employment opportunities when he convinced his higher-ups to sign-on to a project that combined his vocation and his hobby and gustatory obsession, braii.

Braii is the Afrikaans word for barbecue, but it has a specific connotation: braii refers to outdoor cooking, over a real wood fire. South Africans, or at least the ones I have met and known, seem particularly proud of this hobby. Morgenthal admitted he tries to light a fire every day, when he’s home.

Cape Wine Braai Masters is the book of winemakers’ braii recipes (and a potjie one, thrown in for good measure) Morgenthal helped put together and is now promoting around the world. It’s a beautiful book showing beautiful people cooking beautiful food in a beautiful setting. I suspect it will help sell a lot of South African wine, and may well inspire a few culinary trips to wine country. I caught up with Morgenthal last week in Toronto, and interviewed him for the video below. Cape Wine Braai Masters is available at The Cookbook Store or in a free electronic version here.

Malcolm Jolley is the managing editor of Good Food Revolution.