This past weekend, Hastings County hosted the first Hastings County Craft Beer Festival in Stirling. The Festival was made possible, in part, through a collaboration between the four counties of Prince Edward, Hastings, Lennox & Addington and Frontenac.

An estimated 500 people attended the first ever Craft Beer Festival which was held in the unique Heritage Village at the Hastings County Museum of Agriculture.  Along with 18 craft breweries, attendees sampled local cheese, food and wines and ciders. 

You might be aware of the Invest in Cheese initiative. The successes of that initiative have been many- we have generated a great deal of awareness about the history of cheese in the area, as well as toolkits and ideas for future opportunities in dairy and cheese making.  We even have a start-up handbook on how to open a cheesemaking business which is available as an iPad app.

Our partnership between the counties continues to grow and expand, and we are moving forward now as “FAB”…the Food and Beverage region, the ideal place to establish and grow a small scale food and beverage production business.  We launched our new brand (see photo) at the Craft Beer Festival.

Andrew Redden & Stephen Paul showcasing new FAB Region Brand at Festival

Craft breweries are one example of the kinds of businesses that would be very welcome and thrive here; others include condiments, flours, artisan breads, charcuterie; the possibilities are truly endless!

Our team is dedicated to linking people to possibilities; we can assist with connecting manufacturers to raw ingredients, real estate, grant dollars- you name it and we can probably help!

We know that by working together as a FAB region that each of our counties will only benefit and grow. Be sure to watch for the launch of our new website in the weeks to come!

If you would like to know more about starting a business in Hastings County (or any of the other counties in the FAB region) or already have a business here and would like to learn more about the free confidential services available to help with your business please get in touch!

Andrew Redden, Economic Development Manager, County of Hastings

866.321.9563 ext. 4011 or