When the Head Chef beckons for all kitchen and service staff to gather ‘round, it is time for the “Chef’s Call”!  This is when each dish the Chef has created is explained in detail, from ingredients and origins to presentation.  This inspiring gathering evokes the artistry of the meal for all attending.  It is the “Chef’s Call” to which you are invited for these special multi-course dinners which showcase the talents of prominent Master Chefs.

  • Time:  6:30PM start
  • Location:  The Chefs’ House, 215 King St. East, Toronto
  • Cost:  $100 per person ALL INCLUSIVE  (food, wine, taxes & tip included

“The FAB FOUR” from Chez Piggy, Kingston – Mon., February 22, 2010

Each of these four fabulous female chefs have been working with Chez Piggy for decades:  Chef Millie Mundacruz from the Phillipines  began bussing at age 17 and worked her way up to Head Chef.  Mille is passionate about the food she creates and is inspired by world cultures.  Chef Vicki Newbury was born in Newfoundland and has worked at Chez Piggy since the day it opened in 1979. Vicki has compiled two Chez PiggyCookbooks and loves the preparation and presentation of food.  Her sister, Chef Susan Newbury, was drawn to the owners’ love of food and also joined Chez Piggy in 1979.  Susan has a passion for desserts, is renown for her hand-rolled truffles, and loves ethnic cuisines.  Chef Reyna Rivera Belsham was born and raised in Mexico City, but began working at Chez Piggy 20 years ago.  With her dedication and passion for food, Reyna is also a Head Chef and is renown for her spicy cuisine. This dinner is not to be missed!

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