Jeremy Charles and Jeremy Bonia on Chefs Domain

The ‘Two Jeremy’s’ (Charles and Bonia) try their hand at Scallop diving on The Chef’s Domain.

Finally, a show about local food in Canada, across Canada. The Chef’s Domain premiers on July 2 on Discovery World, and features a stellar line-up of acclaimed working restaurant chefs (as opposed to look-good-on-TV-chefs) sprung from their kitchen doors into their adjoining countryside to hangout with and help out their suppliers. Included in the line-up, which literally travels from Vancover Island to the Avalon Peninsula are GFR regulars like Jeremy Charles, Jonathan Gushue, Emma Cardarelli and Matt deMille.

In the video below, I talk to Leanna Crouch, Executive Producer for The Chef’s Domain, at her office at Lively Media. She explains how the show expresses the diversity of the Canadian landscape and people on it, one delicious meal at a time.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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