The Drink Better agency wants you to drink better mixed cases…

Drink Better is happy to have assembled a trio of themed mixed packs to support your summer sipping, whether on the back deck at home or lakeside at the cottage. Thanks to a change of the LCBO rules, we are able to offer these assortments that showcase a portion of our portfolio of small and independent winemaking families. Please see our website for full details and tech notes for each wine.


THE J. BRIX SIX | $247
Enjoy two each of three fresh and alive wines from Southern California darlings, J. Brix. From the winemakers: the site to the soil to the growing season, our wines, if we’re doing our work correctly, will speak in their own voices. We adore the variety California has to offer, which means we find ourselves compelled to make tiny quantities of as many different wines as we can… and, we try to add a new grape or style each harvest. Our fruit comes from a number of vastly different, soul-stirring vineyards all over the state. We use neutral vessels, native-yeast fermentation, and absolutely nothing else, with the exception of sulfur dioxide as necessary. In keeping with this minimalist approach, we choose not to fine, filter or cold-stabilize our wines. Our motto, in winemaking and life: ONLY LOVE.

The J. BRIX SIX contains: 
• 2x 2019 Cobolorum Riesling Pét-Nat
• 2x 2019 Nomine Amoris Skin Contact Pinot Gris
• 2x 2019 Coucou Counoise


There is a lot we like about the wines of Rocco Toscani, but we really like his focus on Syrah and how that grape does so well on the Tuscan coast. The winery is in the same set of iron-rich hills as Bolgheri, and there is a persistence and depth to the Syrah that comes from this area that we just love. In this mixed 6-pack we offer up Syrah done two ways from the same vineyard. The Lolí is a refreshing young stunner, a rosé sparkling made in the ancestrale style from the green harvested grapes at veraison. The Lumeo is the serious older sibling here: amphora fermented and aged (and ageable), a seriously complex and elegant Syrah still wine.

• 3x 2018 Lolí
• 3x 2017 Lumeo


For this acid freak mixed 6-pack, we combined our two favourite Rieslings in our portfolio, which also happen to be two pretty rad and different styles – one is a fresh and fizzy pét-nat from J. Brix in California, and the other is a 45-day macerated skin contact beauty from up-and-coming winemaking star Nicola Brunetti, from Veneto. If you can never have enough Riesling in your life (and of course you can’t), then you need A RIESLING TO BELIEVE.

The pack contains:
• 3x 2018 Calalta Davvero
• 3x 2019 J. Brix Cobolorum Riesling Pét-Nat


Drink Better is a drinks agency inspired by the family farm.

We celebrate the work of generations of committed grape growers, winemakers, distillers, botanists, and agronomists – and we share their work with you.

Our portfolio highlights fiercely independent businesses who hold on tight to tradition while also embracing sound technological innovation. These partners manage their companies and their land with respect and integrity, and using minimal intervention, to produce wines and spirits with real character.

It is our mission to showcase farms and families, not factories – and promote the purchase of better wines and spirits in the Ontario market. Better quality, better tasting, better for the environment, better for local economies around the world. That’s the ‘better’ in DRINK BETTER. We focus on organic, biodynamic, and other sustainable systems, while delivering the most delicious small production wines and spirits from Canada and beyond.

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