Natural. Biodynamic. Radical. Catalonian wines from Escoda Sanahuja

Joan Ramon Escoda and his family make wine together on their 10 Hectare estate in Conca de Barbera in Catalonya. Founded in 1997 the estate has always practiced organics but fully converted to biodynamics in 2007. In 2017 they built a beautiful new winery where they live and a lovely restaurant called Tossal Gros, named for the mountain range just behind the property.
Grapes are hand harvested into small cases from low yielding vines. Ferments are done with natural yeast, wines are not stabilized, filtered or fined. There are never any adjustments or chemicals used, not even S02. These are living wines and change dramatically after time open.
“Our work philosophy in the wine making process is to respect the wine to the maximum, without submitting it to any type of filtered or clarified, and making the fermentations with natural yeasts from the vineyard. Thanks to it, we can make wines almost without sulphur.” Joan Ramón Escoda

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