This post marks the 29th episode of our (almost) monthly series, Good Food Revelations,, where we discuss matters of a nutritional nature with none other than the fantastic Jill Bucaro, Integrative Health Practitioner and founder of California’s Wellness Riot. The previously L.A.-based Jill has been traversing the US in a converted school bus and joins us this month from where she’s setting down roots, just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

In this episode, we ask, “Are breakfast cereals good or bad for us?” and, as you can imagine, the answer is complex, but… in a nutshell, for the most part, yes.

We shall also touch upon breakfast cereal’s rather questionable past as part of John Harvey Keollog‘s anti-constipation and anti-masturbation crusade, as well as the massive role of marketing in convincing generations of people in North America and the UK that this stuff, the OG convenience food, is a healthy option for our families; for the most part, it’s not.