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GoodLeaf Farms

Malcolm Jolley talks to Jacquie Needham at GoodLeaf Farms…

GoodLeaf Farms is a newish vertical farming operation in Guelph. Specializing in microgreens, the ‘baby’ versions of green leaf plants like arugula and pea shoots, GoodLeaf products are available in Ontario grocery stores like Loblaws and Longo’s, and soon Whole Foods. GoodLeaf began its operations in Nova Scotia and is owned by the technology company, TruLeaf which, in turn, has been invested in by food industry giant McCain. Advances in LED light technology have revolutionized the indoor growing industry. Spectrum specific lights are highly efficient and therefore relatively cheap to run. Indoor agriculture also has the advantage of a closed system, where pesticides and herbicides are not required and resources like water can be recycled. I spoke to GoodLeaf’s Account Manager Jacquie Needham recently to find out more about what’s happening at GoodLeaf Farms and we recorded our Zoom conversation to make the video below.

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