Sometimes (mistakingly) called Chenin Noir, Pineau d’Aunis is neither a Pinot or a Chenin. It’s a snowflake, special and unique all on its own. Blackberried and linked with the Prieure d’Aunis near Saumur in the Loire Valley, the grape is having a resurrection thanks to winemakers like Guillaume Reynouard who are putting some love and faith into this local variety. 

Capable of making white, red, rose and sparkling wines, the grape variety is known for producing wines that have bright acidity, with signature white and black pepper notes. 

Guillaume loves having fun with his wine Cuvée names and the K’Sa Tête means “Only with his head”, a nod to the fact that he likes doing things his way, even if everyone is telling him otherwise. 
Biodynamic since 2010, Guillaume completely de-stems this wine, preferring for the purity of fruit and pretty red berry notes to shine through. Spontaneous fermentation, unfined and very low sulphur is used. Sichuan pepper, raspberries and a ton of brightness. Serve with a little chill maybe? 


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