By Jane Rodmell for All The Best Fine Foods, A “Certified Good Food Fighter

“Hot Cross Buns,
Hot Cross Buns
One a penny, two a penny
Hot Cross Buns

This old street vendor’s cry, preserved in records from the early eighteenth century, rang out through the streets of towns and villages in England every Good Friday. They were hugely popular. People ran from their homes to buy warm Hot Cross Buns from the baker’s baskets as they passed by and would keep a bun drying in their kitchen all year to bring the household good luck.

All The Best Hot Cross Buns are made from a traditional recipe, mixed and shaped by hand and topped with a cross made from pastry strips, just as in times gone by. The sweet, buttery, yeast-leavened buns are dotted with currants and a little candied citrus peel and spiced just right with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves. Enjoy them halved and lightly toasted. A little Local Dairy Butter melting on top just adds to the treat.

Our recipe makes too big a batch for you to use at home, but if you are feeling ambitious here is the link to a Hot Cross Bun recipe from the Canadian Living Test Kitchen that you might like to try.

Enjoy and good luck,