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Jean Talon Market


The Mighty Jean Talon Market

Not being that familiar with Montreal many friends had recommended that I visit one of the city’s many famous markets. After checking out a few of them online I decided to jump on my Bixi bike and make a journey to the Jean Talon Market.

Despite it being Montreal’s largest market I was seriously impressed with the selection of local produce in the stalls throughout the market as well as the meats and cheeses on offer… I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store once again, having be rather taken by Atwater Market earlier in the week.

Since arriving in Toronto around 16 years ago I had always been particularly fond of St. Lawrence Market, but upon my visit to Atwater and Jean Talon I suddenly occurred to me that Toronto could learn a thing or two about markets from Montreal. Quite often I am so disappointed with the selection at St. Lawrence market as so much of it comes directly from the Food Terminal, much flying in from the US or South America. Saying that, there were a handful of stalls of imported fruits and vegetables at the Jean Talon market, but the vast majority for sale in the farmers’ stalls was from Quebec and clearly labelled as such.

  • SO many colourful peppers
  • I could easily come here every day (if I lived nearby)
  • A brief moment of respite when the stalls weren't as crowded
  • Of course I just had to pick up some of these
  • I think I am developing a radish fetish
  • Can a man eat too many radishes?
  • And some great looking Kohlrabi
  • Many, many, multicoloured Carrots
  • Okay... so the oranges were imported
  • One the whole I felt that Quebec Strawberries were better than their Ontario counterparts this year
  • Wild Blueberries and Golden Plums
  • More radishes
  • Another extremely colourful display
  • Forget your crappy Chinese garlic... this was the real deal
  • All of this berry fruit was just too good to resist
  • Tomatoes as far as the eye can see!
  • A nice little mixed basket of Quebec vegetables
  • So many lovely peppery radishes... and I do like my radishes
  • I came back to this stall quite a few times to sample the glorious tomatoes
  • Ahhhhh... perfect... lovely fresh tomatoes for tasting... and they are salted!
  • Ohhhhhh... I can feel my cholesterol rising just looking at this display
  • Lots of great dry sausages too
  • Lots of opportunities to purchase horsemeat if that's your thing
  • Buck a Shuck Special for some Malpeques
  • Now... the question is what to select...
  • A fine selection of Oysters at Jean Talon
  • It's a busy place that's for sure
  • The Mighty Jean Talon Market

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Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he did enjoy those oysters… and the radishes obviously.

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