Malcolm Jolley talks to Joshna Maharaj about her new book, Take Back The Tray…

Chef, speaker and activist Joshna Maharaj has been at the forefront of the good food revolution for as long as I have been covering it and now she’s added another label to her biography: author. This week saw the publication of her book Take Back The Tray: Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals. Part memoir and part prescription, Take Back The Tray is the 250 page answer to those who ask her how she manages to affect change in our public institutions. I spoke to Joshna via Zoom on Take Back The Tray’s launch day to create the video interview below, wherein we discuss how the COVID-19 virus crisis presents an opportunity to fix our food system and, of course, the book and her call for ‘Social Gastronomy’.

Earlier in the day, I heard Joshna on Metro Morning on CBC Radio (where she often appears as a commentator) about the book. Host David Common asked her what she was cooking. She answered “brisket”. If you hang in until the end of the interview, you’ll see that while CBC may have got the menu, GFR gets the recipe!

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