Malcolm Jolley talks to vegan internet sensation Olivia Biermann, a.k.a Liv B.

Olivia Biermann is a lively 24 year old from Halifax with piercing blue eyes who began cutting out meat and animal products from her diet after a bout of illness as an undergrad. As she found a plant-based diet suited her, she became more and more interested in vegan cooking and recipes and, for fun, began posting videos of the ones she thought worked best on her YouTube channel, Liv B. After a post went viral, her channel did too, and now she has well over 600,000 subscribers, plus all of her Instagram followers and devoted fans of her website, She’s a thing. And now she’s an author, with one of the most anticipated cookbooks to come out of Canada this year: Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget: 112 Inspired & Affordable Plant-Based Recipes.

I caught up Olivia Biermann recently to find out more about her, her career and new book to shoot the video interview below.

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