Lucy Waverman and Beppe Crosariol

Flavour Principle Waverman CrosariolAll serious Canadian foodists know that Lucy Waverman and Beppi Crosariol share space in the pages of the Globe and Mail newspaper, Waverman writing on food and Crosariol on wine and the other drinks. The latter offers pairing suggestions for the former’s recipes and out of that collaboration has come a new cookbook: The Flavour Principle. In the video below, Waverman and Crosariol describe the philosophy behind their beautifully designed and information crammed book. For them, every great dish pivots around an essential flavour, and each chapter outlines a meal that emphasizes one of eleven great sensations of the palate from ‘Bitter’ to ‘Umami’. The book’s subtitle holds a promise: ‘Entincing your senses with food and drink’, but I think there’s more to it. The intellect is also enticed with mini-essays, rants, and other thoughts on how and why flavours work together. Waverman and Crosiariol explain how the rules came to be, but also why it’s important to bend or break them once and a while.

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