The launch of Bachelder Niagara was just like the owners Thomas and Mary Bachelder, quite, and understated.


Thomas Bachelder has been making wine since 1993 around the world. (Burgundy, Oregon, Chile and Niagara) His passion for wine oozes out of his soul and he is always excited to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested.  Thomas Bachelder is known in the wine world as a world class winemaker and he makes wine right here in Niagara. 


Making wines from local terroirs using ‘wild’ (indigenous) yeast and sourcing organic vineyards wherever possible, Thomas is constantly looking for new ways express each vineyards unique terroir.


When he and Mary finally received their license the excitement was contagious. As Mary would say “we’re late bloomers” when it comes to finally being able to sell their wines directly to customers. It truly was a dream come true for them.  Since the 2009 vintage they have been selling directly to the LCBO, SAQ and restaurants.  Fans that know Bachelder would seek out  his wines at any cost and this was shown in the launch of their website. With ground breaking sales over 15K in the first day Thomas and Mary are selling out of their wines quickly. 

Bachelder Niagara will release wines twice a year (Nov. 1 and Apr. 2) for online ordering.  Wines will be available for a limited time or while supplies last, whichever comes first.  😉  Sales for this release will close on Dec. 15th




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