Chef Loseto of George has been attending the Ontario Food Terminal this month and looking at developments. Our climate being very hot and dry, Ontario farmers are saying that many of their crops have faltered through lack of moisture. The worst hit crops were favas and french beans which shriveled up and are now finished. Some tree fruit are hard to find such as Ontario cherries and apricots. Wild blueberry prices are out of sight. The Chef believes that there is essentially no difference in taste between and wild domestic ones. Corn has started early and tomatoes are emerging.  

The Chef is avoiding citrus which is hard to get and expensive. Also he is not buying expensive Mexican asparagus which now replaces Ontario asparagus.

Noteworthy fish now available include harpooned swordfish and farmed sea bream, both from Nova Scotia.

Fresh squab (pigeon) is now available and recommended.

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– Le Patron

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