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Mizouaki Sake at the LCBO

Mizuaoki Blue Water Honjozo Sake from Nagai Brewery, Gunma…

January 2015
LCBO#: 389023
$12.95 (300 ml)

Rice: Gohyakumangoku (locally sourced)

RPR (rice polish ratio): 63%

Sake Classification: Honjozo – small amount of brewer’s alcohol added for aromatic style.

Aging: 18 months in tank before release.

Tasting Notes: Beautifully aromatic, with notes of fresh Asian pear and crisp apples. A strong backbone of acidity gives this sake balance and structure.

Recommended Serving Temperature: Chilled or warmed for added richness & sweetness.

Pairing Suggestions: Fresh and lively, lovely with raw oysters or a simple arugula salad.

Brewery: Founded in 1886, Nagai brewery is run by two brothers who look after all aspects of the operation from brewing to bottling. it’s Located in the village of Kawaba, which means “Place of River”, and the Gohyakumangoku rice used for this sake is from this region. The water here is very soft, running through the many mountains and the valleys of Oze, before it is collected in Kawaba.

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