Melon de Bourgogne is a crossing between Pinot Blanc and the little known Gouais Blanc. It was once prevalent in the vineyards of Burgundy (hence its name), until it was ordered to be destroyed by the Burgundians in the 18th century. By then, it had a toehold in the Atlantic area of the Loire Valley around Nantes, where it became the dominant variety and the base variety of Muscadet. Typically high in acid, fresh and mineral-driven, it typically does not take to new oak very well. Complexity is gained by spending time on its lees. The best examples gain stone fruit notes to go along with the characteristic citrus elements.

Enjoy this mixed case featuring the 3 bottles from Domaine de la Combe!

What’s included:

1 X Vendage Nocturne 2020
1 X Reserve Personelle 2019
1 X Vigne de l’Astree 2017
+ B+C Corkscrew

Total of  $100 + HST


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Vendage Nocturne

A laser-beam, citrus fruit and acid driven quaffer. Tingling acidity, with notes of ripe white grapefruit and lime intermingled with stony minerality. Uncomplicated, unabashedly easy drinking and refreshing. Pair this with good friends and conversation on a patio…you may need more than one bottle for that occasion though!


Reserve Personelle

This is quite rich for a Muscadet, spending 14 months on its fine lees for added complexity. Fully phenolic ripeness. there are nuances of sweet apple mixed with bracing Meyer lemon and white grapefruit notes. There is some weight on the palate, which is rare to see from this region, but the acidity is still at play here, ensuring mouthwatering freshness. Pair this with a plate of freshly shucked oysters.


Vigne De L’Astrée

Rich and textured for a Muscadet. There is a touch of apricot and peach on the nose. The typistic citrus elements are there as well, with a whiff of gunsmoke. Ripe green apple, lemon-lime and a hint of peach are framed by fresh acidity and biscuity, autolytic notes. This is a fabulous contemplation wine with plenty of complexity. It would also pair wonderfully with grilled sea bass.