by Jo Dickins

deSouza and Jackson in Action 585

Norman John Hardie throws a good party, especially if it’s at his Prince Edward County winery. That’s why Arlene Stein and the Terroir Symposium Committee (on which both Jamie Drummond and I serve) chose it for this year’s ‘rural retreat’. The Terroir rural retreat brings the chefs, journalists and other delegates from Monday’s conference out to the countryside to unwind, cook (if they like), maybe drink a little wine or beer and (we hope) enjoy themselves. Jo Dickins was on hand that Tuesday at Norm’s, and I’ve selected a few of her shots to make a record of it and share with GFR readers some of the Prince Edward County conviviality that happened on our first warm spring day in April. I apologize to her and you for the captions, which I wrote. – Malcolm Jolley

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Jo Dickins is a Toronto photographer who covers the local food moment community for Good Food Revolution. She also has a day job working with Jamie Kennedy and with whom she is working on a book project and other exciting culinary ventures. Photo: John Gundy.