This morning Magdalena Kaiser of Wine Country Ontario issued a press release announcing 95 local wineries are waiving their shipping and handling fees from now until Easter. The announcement was very much in line with the report Jamie posted on the 18th, How To Get wine Delivered To Your Doorstep In These Troubling Times. The list of the 95 (and counting) Ontario wineries who would like to bring wine is here.

The shock to the hospitality that the closures of restaurants because of the Covid19 crisis will only deepen as rents become due and employers let staff go. In addition to supporting our local wineries, and local wine agents, I (again) urge GFR readers to show support to them and our hospitality industry by signing the petition (here) to let Ontario restaurants sell wine and other alcohol by the bottle for takeaway.

Be well, continue to enjoy fine wine, and let’s support our friends in the industry while we do it.