François Morisette pairs white wines only to John Sinopoli’s menu at Ascari Enoteca.

Cabernet Sauvignon and steak…a tried and true pairing right? Champagne & caviar…almost sacrilegious to have one without the other. And who discovered that Sauternes pairs well with foie gras? It all started with someone venturing out into the unknown and making their own organic discovery. So how about a white wine with Braised Beef Cheek? Not an obvious choice but is it wrong? Says who? Why not?
In a conversation (over wine, of course) with François Morissette of Pearl Morissette Estate Winery, arose a shared enthusiasm about discovering unusual flavor combinations in the pairing of white wine with food that were not only good but unexpectedly better than the classical pairings of which we’d been taught to abide.

This passion continues in our adventures in wine and Ascari Enoteca along with Francois Morissette invite you to take part in a special evening of breaking the rules in the pursuit of pleasure. We will veer off the well beaten path forged by the wine pairing handbook and blaze our own trail of unexpected discoveries. Wine is pleasure and as many of you know, Ascari has always been intrigued by the route least taken and we want you to join us on this journey of hidden delights.

The Challenge
Chef John Sinopoli has created a five course meal to which white wine must be paired to every course.

The Sommelier
François Morrisette who will host the evening will guide you through each course and pairing by breaking down the wine and food. His wine selections will range from entry level to premium wines from varying regions around the world.

François is part owner and Vigneron of Pearl Morissette Estate Winery in Ontario. He has had a long love affair with wine including being classically trained, having worked on the Grand Cru terroirs of Frédéric Mugnier of Chambolle Musigny, Christian Gouges of Domaine Henri Gouges, and Jean-Marc of Domaine Roulot. Further oenological training was also undertaken at L’Université de Dijon.

Our Goal
To provide you with a fun filled evening of wining and dining and discovering new possibilities in the world of wine pairings by putting the spotlight on the many capabilities of white wine.

Tuesday, October 25th
$125 (exclusive of taxes and tip)

Space is limited, reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. No refunds.

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