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Young Blood Sommelier: Zinta Steprans

A few weeks ago we put Pizza Libretto/Enoteca Sociale Sommelier Lesa LaPointe through the wringer in one of our most popular articles thus far. We followed this with an interview with the Owner/Wine Geek of Parkdale’s Café Taste, Mr. Jeremy Day. This week we look into the mind of the lovely Zinta Steprans, Sommelier at Toronto restaurants L’Unita and Malena.

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State of The Nation: Australia

Isn’t Australian wine the great success story? Well… if the truth be told both Australian wine in our marketplace and the Australian wine industry as a whole are in a pretty difficult spot these days and there are myriad reasons for this. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a freight train carrying 2 million cases of Argentianian Malbec…

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Zoltan in Portugal

by Zoltan Szabo A fantastic multi-course meal was prepared by chef extraordinaire Albino Silva of Chiado the other evening for the kick off of this year’s Vini Portugal affair, a really smart trade seminar and...

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