Malcolm Jolley talks to Pat Crocker about the Healing Cannabis Edibles cookbook.


The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is changing the way the substance is viewed. For instance, among the speakers at this year’s Whole Life Expo, Canada’s largest natural health show, are Pat Crocker and Ellen Novack, authors of Healing Cannabis Edibles: Exploring the Synergy of Power Herbs. Healing Cannabis Edibles is a cookbook for sure, but it’s also a guide to the therapeutic side of marijuana and resource for people interested in more than just getting high. Novack and Crocker are veteran cookbook and gardening authors, but they also have close family members who have been prescribed medical marijuana, so their book is both honestly come by and the product of many years of research and development. Crocker is also something of an expert on culinary herbs of all kinds, having recently published The Herbalist’s Kitchen: Cooking and Healing with Herbs.

I met with Pat Crocker recently to shoot the video below about Healing Cannabis Edibles. In it she shares a few secrets about cooking with cannabis and even a tip or two about what to do if you eat to much.

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