By Irene Steh

Oregon Wine Country

Doing the 'walk-through' before harvest, Momtazi Vineyard, Oregon (Photo by author).

IPNC, or the International Pinot Noir Celebration is a weekend event held annually in McMinnville in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. This July 23 will mark the opening of the 23rd conference, celebrating over 60 of the best Pinot Noirs from around the world.

“This year, Niagara’s Henry of Pelham and Tawse wineries will attend the conference and for the first time Ontario’s evolving success with this varietal will be shown off to a crowd of American and international Pinot Noir enthusiasts and wine media.  While enjoying a glass of 2000 Cristom Pinot, I recently discussed the upcoming event with HoP’s Ron Giesbrecht and Paul Pender of Tawse…”

Irene StehIrene Steh was born into a Foodie family, with a mother who was a Chef and a father somewhat obsessed with womens’ perfume and farming orchard fruit.

She has worked the last 13 years with Oliver and Bonacini Group, split between Jump and Canoe and wearing several hats as Server,  Somm and Wine Educator. After being involved with a personal blend of riesling through Cave Springs a few years back, she went on to pursue other wine-related stints in Niagara and beyond, forging great relationships in the world of wine in Canada and internationally. Finally in 2008, Irene took the plunge, both feet in, and worked a harvest in Oregon at St. Innocent Winery. At it’s end, she was offered a position. With no regrets, 2009 was a year of harvests, Austrailia, Burgundy, bookended with Oregon…” currently, my favourite place in the world of wine.”