Felix Eppisser and Thao Nguyen in Hanoi

Felix Eppisser and Thao Nguyen at Pots’n Pans Hanoi

In 2010 chef Felix Eppisser and his restaurant managing wife, Lucia, sold their Michelin starred restaurant Rigiblick in Zurich, Switzerland and travelled to Asia eventually making their home in Yangon, Burma. At the same time, Thao Nguyen, a graduate of KOTO, a social enterprise that provides hospitality training to disadvantaged youth, was busy dreaming up plans for Pots ‘n Pans, a restaurant to highlight innovative Vietnamese cuisine. In fact, Felix helped Thao design the layout for the Pots ‘n Pans kitchen.

Chef Felix recently took some time away from his celebrated restaurant in Yangon, Le Planteur, to do some training sessions with KOTO students and to prepare a multi course degustation dinner.

I spoke with Felix and Thao just before guests arrived for the special event to shoot the video below.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Cameron Stauch thumbCameron Stauch is a chef currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is eating and cooking his way around Asia in search of cooks and producers who are focused on preserving and enriching their local culinary ingredients and traditions. Follow him @camcooks.