Michael Stadtlander and Jean Paul Ganem at The Drake Hotel

Michael Stadtlander has something new cooking up for summer at Eigensinn, his renown farm and restaurant in Grey County. The chef is collaborating with Franco-Tunisian landscape artist Jean Paul Ganem to create a series of seven gardens on the farm. Each garden will be connected to a dish for a series of seven course dinners from August 10 to 26, when the gardens have matured. Stadtlander and Ganem have named their collaboration The Singhampton Project after the nearby hamlet. Proceeds from the final dinner on August 26, which will also include performance artists and musicians, will benefit <http://www.earthday.ca>Earth Day Canada</a>.

I caught up with Stadlander and Gamen a few weeks ago, just as they were finishing a light breakfast with the chef’s wife and partner Noboyu Stadtlander at <http://www.thedrakehotel.ca/>The Drake Hotel</a>. The chef and artist were excited about the project, which they had launched at a party the night before – or rather announced, things were already laid out and growing back at the farm.

Some of the gardens will be edible, creating what Stadtlander calls “instant cuisine”, others marry gastronomy, environmentalism and aesthetics in less direct ways. For example, one installation uses different grasses, some of which sheep favour, creating patterns. It goes without saying that the sheep will end up on diners’ plates.

Gamen is especially excited, explaining that “this is the first time I will be able to taste the project.” One of the gardens features tomatoes and peppers to be used to prepare makboubah, a favourite of Paris-based artist from his childhood in Tunisia.

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