I’ve always been an advocate of archly alternative Xmas tunes, as I can only stomach all the usual stuff for a very limited time frame.

With this in mind, I present for your seasonal musical delectation a leftfield Xmas compilation titled Noël Noir courtesy of cult South Korean record label, Extra Noir.

It’s very much worthy of your purchasing powers, and is for a decidedly good cause! (see below)


What links a mall Santa in Singapore with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak? Scottish poet Robert Burns and Tales from the Crypt? What connects a cry for love in the industrial heart of Seoul with Algernon Blackwood spiking a batch of eggnog?

Only one thing can knit these disparate threads together: Noël Noir.

What began as a modest quest to repurpose an unreleased Aadm Our Hatley track soon grew into a glorious seasonal spectacle, certain to trouble any pop stars clutching ambitions of a Christmas #1 single.

Featuring artists from Seoul, London, Toronto, Austin, Singapore, and The North Pole.

All proceeds from album sales will benefit Yongin Pound Adoption, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehousing dogs in Korea.


A few weeks back I was asked to contribute a track, so you’ll find that under the Nondoctor Sound System moniker, a collaborative project of singers and players featuring GFR writer Dick Snyder on guitar, the Blairdardie poet laureate Gareth Shields, ersatz radio reporter Ronen Kleiman and UK music scribe Joe Muggs as Gary Clail.

The track Xmas Is Cancelled is a pretty dark soundscape, telling its story through dystopian sonics, as it is very much a scrappy cut & paste homage to the mighty On-U Soundsystem‘s Privatise The Air (Parts 1 and 2)

In keeping with the season’s good tidings of comfort and joy, all proceeds from the album and individual tracks will go to the Yongin Dog Pound near Seoul.

Whilst I don’t think it’s in any way in contention for the Xmas #1, please share far and wide, as it would be great to spread the Xmas “cheer” and raise some money for these doggies!