Southbrook's "Orange" Wine going through the fermentation process.

Southbrook’s “Orange” Wine going through the fermentation process.

After months of toying and experimenting, the mysterious Southbrook Orange Wine is seeing a limited release at Barque Smokehouse.

This “white wine made like a red wine” is winemaker’s Ann Sperling’s latest creation and anticipation has been building in the wine community ever since it was announced.  While the varietal is still a mystery, Southbrook is using this limited release for people to experience a taste of wine’s early history. It will meet the most rigorous criteria for Natural wine, being made from biodynamically-grown grapes, fermented with wild yeast and native malo-lactic strains, free from the addition of any sulphite or other inputs, and served unfined, unfiltered and with some residual spritz of CO2 .

Barque Smokehouse in Toronto will offer this first release of “Orange” wine on tap.  Barque’s Wine Director and Wine Align contributor Michael Godel, is the kind of open-minded, early adopter that all innovators need to offer novel experiences to guests. Godel said, “The technique and the practice is ancient and has been kept alive. The only questions that need asking are “is it good, is it well-made and would I like to drink it?” After tasting Ann Sperling’s Orange wine I knew it nailed all three criteria and so we are very excited to have the opportunity to pour it from tap at Barque.”

Adventurous wine lovers can enjoy a glass of this cloudy, amber-coloured wine with Barque Smokehouse’s fine foods. The smoky, deeply delicious cuisine at Barque offers the ideal setting to discover the best matches for this ancient style of wine.

For an in-depth and detailed look at how this wine came to be, head over to Jamie Drummond’s recent video “Orange Wine at Southbrook.”

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