Meet Salcheto…

Established in 1984, Salcheto is the creation of viticulturist and winemaker, Michele Manelli. Michele’s genuine passion for refined and delicate wines has propelled this tiny estate into one of Montepulciano’s top producers. His mission is simple and clear: seek quality, both in the vineyard and the cellar, with an unfailing respect for the character of the grapes. Manual collections, sulfite-free vinifications, native yeasts, “Tuscan Governo” method and large botte and tonneaux barrels are the tools used to produce wines that are elegant and soft, with pronounced aromas and uniqueness for each vintage released.

Salcheto is an ‘off the grid’ winery operating one of the wine world’s only energy-independent cellar systems. Along with countless other environmental initiatives, this led to Salcheto being named Gambero Rosso’s Sustainable Winery of the Year in 2014. Their 50 hectares of organically – and biodynamically-farmed vines are planted with Prugnolo Gentile (Sangiovese), Canaiolo, Mammolo, Colorino, Merlot and Trebbiano. Their ‘Obvius’ lineup offers a clean, modern style of natural wines made from, as Michele puts it, ‘grapes only’.

With summer just around the corner, we want to introduce you to Salcheto’s boxed SoloWine!

Boxed wine (BiB) packaging is designed to compress wine continuously, eliminating cork taint and minimizing the effects of oxidation.

In fact, SoloWine’s boxed packaging is so efficient it will keep your wine fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening! This means you can enjoy a single glass of wine without worrying that the rest of the bottle will go to waste. The typical bottle of wine holds four to five glasses. However, SoloWine’s boxed format contains over 20 glasses (4 bottles) in a convenient, ready-to-pour format. This allows you to spend more time catching up with friends and family during your BBQs and cottage weekends, and less time opening bottles.

Click below to learn more and purchase Salcheto’s SoloWine before your summer season begins!!


From the B+C Team