by Nicolette Novak for The Good Earth Food & Wine Co., a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter

It’s official!  The thick blanket of snow and double digit windchill temperatures  (I used to date a German chap who was convinced that it was “windshield” reading!!!) means it is time to head off to Main Street in Jordan Village and celebrate the arrival of winter at the Winter WineFest (January 15 & 16).  Since many of us in the Twenty Valley do NOT make icewine, we bill the event as a celebration of icewine, late harvest wine, high end table wine and sparkling wines which we make in spades!  Hence the tag line — “sweet, sparkling, sensational”.

Chef Patrick Engel at Winter WineFest

Chef Patrick Engel at Winter WineFest

Normally, The Good Earth is a fixture on the street ladling out some stew or soup to frozen, appreciative visitors.  This year we will be there wearing two hats — food hucksters (shucking some of the best fresh oysters our friends at Rodney’s Oyster House could get us and doling out a hearty oyster chowder) and as a winery (we’ll be pouring our yummy, food friendly 2009 Medium Dry Riesling and kick ass 2009 Pinot Noir).  To add to the fun, our resident showman and “cheffer” will be on centre stage at 2 pm for a food demo.

Sweeter wines and icewine in particular can be a nightmare to pair but trust Chef Patrick to have a unique and yummy solution — Buffalo Style Chicken with Blue Cheese “Schmeer” (or “dip” for the more refined).  Downtown goes uptown; pub grub goes gourmet.  This is a match made in heaven and for our “earthlings” this is a PERFECT match for our Medium Dry Riesling.

So in anticipation of the questions and requests, visit The Good Earth blog where we’ve posted the full recipe for your enjoyment!   If you have The Good Book, you can find the Buffalo Style Shrimp version on page 75.    Any way you toss it, this is a winning recipe.