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Seasons of Contagion II

by Anthony Wing Being the second  part,  following the first part of the confessional memory of a six-week gazebo project… High weekday noon along a secondary Eigensinn road, a benign Appian Way hedged with scores of wine...

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Seasons of Contagion I

I was standing, nay swaying, with Oyster Boy in the massive courtyard-like quad midway through the 100-acre georgic sprawl of Eigensinn Farm. A longtime Stadtlander confrere and wilderness wellspring, OB visits so often that a remote cabin on the property has long been effectively oyster-annexed…

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Jamie Kennedy’s (Really Big) Communal Table at The Evergreen Brickworks

Photographer Jo Dickins captures Jamie Kennedy and friends’ communal table dinner, June 19 at the Evergreen Brick Works in this Good Food Revolution exclusive photo essay. For many the dinner, attended by several hundred keen foodies, signaled the comeback of one of Canada’s best known chefs and one of Ontario’s great local food pioneers after something of an ‘annus horribilis’.

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Prepping for Our Communal Table

There’s still time to take a seat at my Communal Table on Saturday, June 19, at the inspiring heritage site of Evergreen Brick Works. This week, I’ve been finalizing the menu, drawing upon the finest of seasonal ingredients, and carefully matched our best local wines to each of the four tantalizing courses. A sneak preview reveals just a few of many highlights: freshly-picked asparagus, tender greens, Cumbrae’s beef grilled to perfection and artisanal cheeses.

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Jamie Kennedy’s Communal Table – June 19

I’ve always wanted to create a unique, celebratory dining experience situated around a very large communal table, and now the time has come. We’ll be dining on the cusp of the summer solstice, and there isn’t a better time to take in and savour the exquisite tastes of our very own southwestern Ontario flavours.

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