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Chris McDonald Returns to Avalon for Toronto Taste

Chef Chris McDonald of Cava will revive a menu and wine service from Avalon, the restaurant he owned and operated from from 1995 to 2006 and which often topped Toronto’s best restaurants lists. The meal will be prepared in the private home of the Toronto Taste attendee who wins it in the silent auction hosted by Food Network star and cookbook author Bob Blumer, this Sunday, June 12.

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Toronto Taste – Compassion and Cuisine Come Together on June 12

During the event, guests will sip and stroll outdoors under tents, and indoors around museum artifacts, sampling an unforgettable array of savoury and sweet bites and refreshing libations created and served by local vintners, beverage purveyors, and chefs, including Chris McDonald, Dufflet Rosenberg, Brad Long, JP Challet and Anne Yarymowich, to name but a few.

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Bob Blumer

Blumer has made a career at focusing the joy of preparing and serving good food into easily consumed and digested cultural products, but it turns out it all came about by accident. Blumer’s first career was as a rock’n’roll manager, specifically to Jane Siberry, the Canadian avant-garde new wave chanteuse whose career he followed to California. In the early 90’s Siberry went to England to record an album with the legendary producer Brian Eno and Blumer used this hiatus to write Surreal Gourmet. “I was winging it, ” he says, “it was just my perspective on what makes a great dinner party.”

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How I Have Been Working Hard For You – A Food Writer’s Diary

The food writer’s life is punctuated by some very pleasant episodes. More often than not, invitations to these episodes come from publicists and PR professionals, wishing to drum up some press for their restaurateur clients. We craven, ink-stained wretches are often more than happy to accept these invitations, as our schedules allow, on the dual grounds that: a) there may be a story in it, and b) it sounds like fun.

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