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Try This: Charlie Burger Champagne

GFR’s Jamie Drummond is extremely relieved now that the true identity of Charlie has been revealed to the general public… and he’s even happier that Charlie has decided to import his own-label Grower Champagne. Just the thing for the dog days of August.

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What Charlie did next…

Love him or loathe him, one has to admit that Toronto’s mysterious pop-up restaurateur Charlie certainly has balls.

Utilising a cabal of deep industry associates, some seriously talented local Chefs, a roster of secret supper venues, and considerable chutzpah, he has been hosting what are arguably some of the most exciting events around, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Food and Wine magazine when they listed Charlie’s get-togethers amongst their top culinary experiences in the world.

Well, this time Charlie has gone one step further and put together a duo of extraordinary dinners in two of Europe’s most extraordinary restaurants… yes, you read that correctly…

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