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Kids at Brick Works

The Evergreen Brick Works is famous for its Saturday farmers market and as a venue for fancy parties and food festivals, but there’s lots for kids to do around food there too. EBW’s Food Program Manager, Marina...

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Foraged Feast

Tama Matsuoka Wong’s transition from Wall Street lawyer to full time forager was set in motion the day the showed up at the back door of Daniel Boulud’s flagship restaurant with a bag full of edible plants and...

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Food and Workers of Brickworks Picnic 2011 – A Photo Album

The annual Picnic at The Evergreen Brick Works has become Toronto’s biggest and bestest harvest festival, matching top city chefs with some of Ontario’s most dedicated farmers (and a few of our great winemakers too, just lubricate things properly). On October 2, GFR sent Toronto photographers Emily Patterson and Lainie Knox to take it all in and take a few pictures.

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Elizabeth Harris 1943-2011

A great good food fighter and hero of the good food movement has died. Elizabeth Harris pioneered the farmers market at Riverdale Park, and more recently at the Brick Works. Good Food Revolution mourns the loss of her energy, spirit and compassion.

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All The Best Harvest: Slow Roasted Tomatoes

This is the time of year when our own locally-grown tomatoes are at their best. You’ll find them in every size, shape and hue- sun-ripened and packed with flavour. Last week I came home from the Brick Works Farmers’ Market laden with large, nobbly, tomatoes of brilliant red with sweet, juicy flesh, and fabulous organic plum tomatoes of red, yellow, orange and green (some delicately striped or mottled) with slightly sharper taste and firmer flesh.

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Donna Dooher Likes Her Blueberries Wild

Chef Donna Dooher has seen a blueberry or two in her day. As the force behind Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Dooher’s reign as Queen of Brunch remains unchallenged since the publication of Out To Brunch With Mildred Pierce. But when I caught up to her, in the run-up to Wild Blueberry Festival craziness in Toronto, this week, she reminded me that les bluets sauvages are as much at home in the world of savoury as sweet. Dooher talks a blueberry streak and shows me how to put together a killer chutney.

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Jamie Kennedy’s (Really Big) Communal Table at The Evergreen Brickworks

Photographer Jo Dickins captures Jamie Kennedy and friends’ communal table dinner, June 19 at the Evergreen Brick Works in this Good Food Revolution exclusive photo essay. For many the dinner, attended by several hundred keen foodies, signaled the comeback of one of Canada’s best known chefs and one of Ontario’s great local food pioneers after something of an ‘annus horribilis’.

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Prepping for Our Communal Table

There’s still time to take a seat at my Communal Table on Saturday, June 19, at the inspiring heritage site of Evergreen Brick Works. This week, I’ve been finalizing the menu, drawing upon the finest of seasonal ingredients, and carefully matched our best local wines to each of the four tantalizing courses. A sneak preview reveals just a few of many highlights: freshly-picked asparagus, tender greens, Cumbrae’s beef grilled to perfection and artisanal cheeses.

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