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Bourke Street Bakery – The Ultimate Baking Companion

Perhaps your first attempts at baking bread were without a recipe, techniques cobbled from observation and intuition, ingredients cheap and plentiful, time on your side. There is a certain magic that occurs, this blending of flour, yeast, water, the marriage of science and, as Paul Allam puts it, “river running romance.” We don’t really know how a TV works, most of us, but we know what we like to watch. And we don’t really know how bread works, how it becomes more than the sum of its parts, but we like to eat it. And if it is not a total disaster, we bring it to a potluck, proudly bragging, “Yes, I made that”.

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The Most Beautiful Season

A four-day affair, the Harrow Fair recently celebrated 156 years, this Labour Day. Yes, that is older than Canada itself. Harrow is located in Essex County in South Western Ontario, nestled between Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair, and shares the same latitude as Northern California and Tuscany, so you can tell that to your smirking American cousins the next time they wisecrack about your skiing in July.

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Let Them Eat Cake: Kathy Buckworth’s ‘Shut-Up and Eat’!

When Buckworth explains to her little darlings that animals have a short and painful life, (see Kathy’s Rules of the Kitchen #7) and aren’t cute anyway, roll with it! Do not think of maybe telling your children that there are in fact alternatives to hormone-filled factory-farmed meatsh*t, that you can actually get your kids to eat ethically raised and humanely slaughtered animals.

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I Heart BBQ

There are two things I love to do in the summer: re-read Pillars of the Earth , and muck about with the Barbeque. As far as I am concerned, summer is about this long, leisurely, familiar read, and messing around with the barbeque.

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Wussup Cupcake?

by Kerry Knight When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, around the time Neil Armstrong went on his lunar bounce, I decided to make my own Apollo Spacecraft and follow space suit. I had it all worked out; the motor would come from...

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