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Ethiopian at Nazareth

By: Rebecca Feigelsohn There are very few places in the city where two can dine for less than $10, and there are even fewer places where the food is not only ridiculously affordable, but also fresh, authentic and not of the...

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David Chow: STOCK Restaurant

  Computer Engineer turned Pastry Chef, David Chow of STOCK Restaurant, uses skills obtained through his Science degree to create plated desserts and handcrafted chocolates with unique and delicious flavour combinations –...

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Scarborough Laksa

By: Rebecca Feigelsohn As an Asian cuisine enthusiast, I am always on the hunt for authentic, delicious and affordable Asian fare – the type of food that makes you feel like you are in the country where the recipe...

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Night it Up!

By: Rebecca Feigelsohn This past weekend, Night It Up! (formerly known as “Toronto Night Market” and “Asian Night Market”) took place at the Markham Civic Centre for its eleventh year. Night It Up!, run by Power Unit Youth...

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