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A Sake 101

by Robin Wilson Rice wine. Japan. Sushi. The only words I used to associate with Sake. Clearly I’ve been a little ignorant towards its complexity and its following. Thanks to Ki’s ‘Sake Sommelier’ Michael Tremblay who delivered...

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Tori’s Bakeshop

I’ve tried for years to be satisfied off of gluten free alternatives, ever since I discovered my intolerance to the amazing forbidden fruit. I even had to resort to vegan and vegetarian alternatives that perhaps could serve me a little better. But no. There was never anything pleasant enough to keep me on the healthy track. So of course, I gave up…

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Vikram Vij Brings His Feasts East

Although a visit to Vij’s Vancouver notable restaurant is alwaysl in order, Fenugreek Cream Curry, Chicken Curry, and Coconut Masala (among many others) – can all be yours and mine in Toronto, and just in time for spring entertaining! Perfect.

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Parma Precise’ment !

Cutting the cheese has no meaning when it comes to Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s actually quite the procedure getting to the center of the nine century old craft that produces 80 lb. wheels of goodness. This is no tootsie-pop. Licking will get you nowhere.

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A Little on Lentils, with Chef Michael Smith

Okay, I was definitely guilty of it. I’ll admit it. Big Beefy Carnivores are guilty of it, and certainly anyone under the age of 18 whose palate hates on anything nutritious (generally speaking), has been guilty of it.

Lentil hating, it’s very common and it must stop!

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