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Top Chef Ocean Wise

What with every Chef worth his salt fully embracing Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program it was fantastic to see five of this year’s Top Chef Canada contenders reuniting for a night of redemption, each cooking a...

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The Faces of Top Chef Canada: Season 2

Today Good Food Revolution were delighted to see the full lineup of competitors for The Food Network’s Top Chef Canada: Season 2.

In there were some good friends of GFR, notably Crush’s Trish Burnett, Marben’s Carl Heinrich, and Victor’s David Chrystian.

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Why Dale MacKay Won Top Chef Canada

For thirteen weeks this spring into summer summer Canadian chefs and foodies has their own game to watch: Top Chef Canada. And at the end of the run (which Food Network Canada claims as the most watched series in the channel’s history), Dale MacKay of Vancouver British Columbia held the title as the dominion’s tallest toque. But how’d he get there?

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How To Get On Top Chef Canada 2

Cliff Dempster is looking for chefs: the executive at Toronto-based Insight Productions is asking for applications to be a contestant on the second season of Food Network’s hit show Top Chef Canada.

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Mark McEwan and Thea Andrews on Top Chef Canada

Hosting Top Chef Canada will be Chef Mark McEwan, no stranger to TV or the ordeals of the stove, joined by the über-entertainment-journalist, and Toronto native, Thea Andrews. I caught up with the dynamic duo at a Food Network event at the Art Gallery of Ontario on April 7.

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