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Happy Blue Year

Start your new year making healthy choices by incorporating wild blueberries into your daily diet. With more antioxidants per serving than most other fruits, just ½ cup a day of this powerful superfruit helps to combat disease and promote healthy aging.

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A Thanksgiving feast from the field to your table

Skip staid stand-bys and spice up your turkey with chef Donna Dooher’s Wild Blueberry and Peppercorn Chutney. Easy to make with fresh or frozen wild blueberries, this condiment makes an excellent accompaniment to meat or enjoy it with your cheese tray and a baguette or crackers as a pre- or post-dinner course.

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Wild Blueberry Harvest (Part 2)

This is the second of a two part series on wild blueberry harvest in Nova Scotia, which I witnessed at the end of August, 2010. In Part 1, I describe how wild blueberries are ‘farmed’. In Part 2, I look at how the wild blueberries are processed, since 90% of the crop is frozen.

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Wild Blueberries in Nova Scotia (Part 1)

Rideout and Vautour explained to us how famers ‘cultivate’ wild blueberries. Actually, the term they use is ‘manage’. Blueberries are a rhyzome: their root systems exist underground waiting for the right moment to push up and create a plant. They work a bit like wild mushrooms or truffles in the sense that you can’t actually plant them. They are either there or not. What I saw on Joe Slack’s fields, apart from stunning views of the Cobbequid Mountains and the mists coming off the Bay of Fundy, was a bear’s paradise: a great carpet of scrubby blueberry bushes, never climbing more than a foot off the ground.

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Donna Dooher Likes Her Blueberries Wild

Chef Donna Dooher has seen a blueberry or two in her day. As the force behind Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Dooher’s reign as Queen of Brunch remains unchallenged since the publication of Out To Brunch With Mildred Pierce. But when I caught up to her, in the run-up to Wild Blueberry Festival craziness in Toronto, this week, she reminded me that les bluets sauvages are as much at home in the world of savoury as sweet. Dooher talks a blueberry streak and shows me how to put together a killer chutney.

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