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The Chase Preview

Steven Salm and Michael Steh at The Chase

Steven Salm is a transplanted New Yorker who’s betting big on Toronto and has put together a crack team of foodists together to feed and water the Bay Streeters, condo dwellers and visiting 905ers who inhabit the city’s financial core. Mr. Salm thinks big. He made his name working up the hierarchy of the BLT restaurants in his native New York, before coming up north to open and manage e11even. His new double venture is The Chase and The Chase Fish and Oyster, a tour of which Jamie Drummond captured on the video below and on which I was also present. Both are housed in the recently restored Dineen Building at Yonge and Temperance. The more casual of the twin restaurants is the “Fish and Oyster” on the ground floor, whereas The Chase proper occupies a glass box purpose-built on what was the roof of the heritage office block, accessed by a private elevator.

It’s generally not our bailiwick at GFR to make bold predictions, but here’s mine: The Chase and The Chase Fish and Oyster will be the reservation to get this summer. (Salm promises they will open “in a month that starts with a “J”: we hope June but definitely by July”.) The building, with it’s multiple bars, patios, panoramic views and so on would be enough to attract crowds, but Salm’s acquisition of talent stacks the deck in a way that seems destined to put bums in the hundreds of seats offered by the sister restaurants. Chef Michael Steh, who won acclaim at Reds for his Slow Food inspired cooking mans the stoves upstairs. Steh, in turn, recruited chef Nigel Finley, late of Catch, to do the cooking downstairs. To round out this supergroup of hospitality pros is General Manager and Sommelier Anton Potvin, of whom (regular readers know) GFR is a big fan for his work as owner and maitre d’hotel at The Niagara Street Café, which he wound up after eight years of icon building last year.

Start booking now, if they’ll let you. – Malcolm Jolley

Can’t see the video? Click here.

MMalcolm_on_Roofalcolm Jolley is the Executive Director of Good Food Media, the company that publishes Good Food Revolution, and a Toronto-based food writer and journalist. Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution.

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  1. An extra point The Chase: it’s interesting to see big budget fine dining creep back into the Toronto dining scene after the years long dominance of 20-30 seat Parkdale and Lesleyville joints. Even more interesting is that The Chase isn’t being financed by a condo deal. Mr. Sahm, presumably, would have to have financed this venture purely on the ability of the restaurants to survive and thrive. Is this a sign of good times to come?

  2. And… The Chase has a food truck thingy that’s touring the city handing out (free, I think) samples of what’s to come. The details are, of course, posted on their Twitter feed: @TheChaseTO.

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